On the French Riviera

Usually, I always look for a gold sunset because I love playing with flare. But that day, it was raining… And actually this kind of weather gives something more powerfull ! It was as if we were out of time and left alone on the French Riviera. Cool, uh ? 🙂

For this LOVE SESSION, I drove 1h30 with Marion & Mathias to the mountains. I didn’t meet them before but they trusted me ! There was a rain warning but this couple was brave ! So thanks Mathias and Marion ! 😉
To find this perfect place, we had to walk a bit and on the track we met some goats. I love nature ! After following them, we arrived to this big rock with incredible view, the perfect place to shoot !
Alone, with only wild sounds and the wind in the hair…
Some photos of this sweet moment…




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