Last month, with my love, we had the chance to shoot an elopement in Corsica! Yes, you read well, in Corsica! A rather special elopement since they were accompanied by their respective mothers who were not aware of the event!

      J & A have been together for 8 years. One is passionate about music, the other prefers decoration. They both love traveling and during a trip to Nice that the click. They decided to get married in privacy and on a beach. Then began the organization of this elopement in Corsica.

      But that’s not all, for their wedding, they want to surprise their moms and their son. But how to do it? For a year, these two lovers lied to their loved ones, making them believe that they found the marriage exceeded, that it was not for them. To conceal their elopement in Corsica, he offers a trip to their moms: a simple family holiday.

      For their engagement session that took place the night before their elopement in Corsica, they pretended a restaurant as lovers. So they only had time to do that shooting and meet their decorator then went back to sleep without eating. For the D-Day, they told their mothers that they invited them to the restaurant but when they arrived, a person from the organization was waiting for them to take them to the place of the ceremony for the elopement in Corsica. What a surprise and what an emotion for them when they saw their children arrive in married attire! But I stop there and I let you discover all this in photos and videos!

      Decorator : Nico D.KO | Floral : Nymphéa | Ceremony officiant :  A2mainstenant | Hair stylist : Samantha coiffure | Make up artist : Stéphy beauté | Dress : Hervé mariage