For modern and sensitive dreamers, lovers of nature, who are thirsty to discover the world, in search of meaning and who act for a more beautiful world.


Extremely delicate and light photos in a way that seems not to be of this world.

Sarah’s dreamlike world makes us see the world in a different way. A luminous and timeless world where poetry is omnipresent.


Images immortalize the ephemeral moments of our lives.

Time passes at full speed, children grow up, elders leave us, only the image has the power to keep these memories intact.

I have always been obsessed with time, collecting memories, photographs, everything that reminded me of those happy moments, the people I loved and who were no longer there. I was scared by their disappearance. I was so afraid of forgetting them. So I started to photograph everything I loved, people, places, things, to make sure I would never forget them.



From the French Riviera to the heavenly beaches of Thailand to the epics dunes of Morocco, Sarah has traveled the world filming destination weddings and editorials rooted in purpose and soul.

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Named one of the

Best Wedding Photographers

Thanks to Live Tonight for naming me one of the best wedding photographers of the French Riviera and Provence!

For those who don’t know Live Tonight, it’s a platform to find music bands in the region (Marseille in particular) and DJs for all your events!

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Who's Sarah?

Photographer specializing in destination wedding coverage, Sarah combines the kindness and the softness.

It was during her film studies that Sarah fell in love with images and invested in her first camera. She then started photographing every moment spent with the people she loved in order to never forget them.

At the age of 18, she began traveling alone across Europe, always with her camera on her side. But it was during her year-long trip to Australia that she realized she wanted to become a photographer. Attracted by reportage and its authenticity and spontaneity, Sarah’s mission is to capture life’s moments in the most beautiful way possible. What she wants is to bring out the beauty in each moment, each object and each individual.

That’s when she started photographing weddings to offer the most beautiful memory of this unique day.

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