About me

      I think life is too short to live as anybody would like to. I like to compare wedding day with life. This day is also too short to match your parent’s or friend’s ideas. Why not getting married in a middle of a field in the mountains with bale of straw as seats or why not flying to your favourite destination to say yes ? It could be pretty cool !

      I push all of my couples to listen to their desires because the only perfect wedding is the wedding that suits you !


      Hi there! I’m Sarah ! I’m a crazy  girl living on the French Riviera with my love and our adorable cat, Milka the Sacred cat of Burma. I think I’m very lucky because I do what I love : photography ! Being a photographer is my dream job and I can live my three passions : photography, traveling and meeting people ! Since I’ve created my company, I’ve been living a dream and it lasts because of you !

      People and relationships are my priority. I work hard to build a good relationship with all of the couples that I photograph. Actually, most of them become my friends ! I don’t only want to learn about your wedding, I want to learn about YOU and what you love ! Why not meeting each other around a coffee or a warm diner ? I’m convinced there is not a better way to get your trust ! And then during your big day you will feel relaxed and confident in front of my camera because we will not be strangers anymore but friends… And nothing you could tell or do could be wrong or weird !

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