About me

      I think life is too short to live as anybody would like to. I like to compare wedding day with life. This day is also too short to match your parent’s or friend’s ideas. Why not getting married in a middle of a field in the mountains with bale of straw as seats or why not flying to your favourite destination to say yes ? It could be pretty cool !

      I push all of my couples to listen to their desires because the only perfect wedding is the wedding that suits you !


      Hi there! I’m Sarah! A film photographer based on the French Riviera. I think I’m very lucky because I do what I love: photography! Being a photographer is my dream job and I can travel, photograph, discover new places and meeting people! Since I’ve created my company, I’ve been living a dream and it lasts because of you!

      Passionate about traveling, I traveled around Oceania, Europe and Asia, photographing the landscapes I admired and the people I met. That’s how I fell in love with photography. Photography allowed me to share my travels with my loved ones, tell them what I was going through. Today, I tell your story by the photo with my sensitivity and my eye.

      In love with nature, I have a weakness for outdoor weddings. My favorite places are Provence, Tuscany and Asia, but I’m always happy to discover new destinations.

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