I’m very pleased, and humbled, to have been acclaimed one of the BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER OF PACA by mariage.com. It’s huge for me and it encourages me to continue to fulfill my lovebirds! So thank you mariage.com! You can read the post there.

      I should also like to take this opportunity to thank those who they trusted me and gave me my chance to become the BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER OF PACA ! Since I’m wedding photographer, I live a dream and it’s thanks to all of you! Thanks to your wonderful feedback and compliments! They warm my heart and they make me tears in my eyes. You are my greater reward! Thanks for all you make me feel, chills, laughing, tears of joy. Thank you for everything!Today, I talk about how I came to be the best wedding photographer of PACA? But first, I let you enjoy these amazing photos taken during the Provence workshop of Vincent Truong, with my friends and very good photographers Lora Barra and Anne-Sterenn.

      Venue : Château de Moissac | Flowers and Deco : Charlotte Flower & Twig | Dress : Hannah Tikkanen | MUAH : Karine Brossard | Stationery : Jeanne Callyane | Styling Ribbons : Tono & Co | Ring boxes : Filles de box | Rings : Myrtille Beck

      So how to become the best wedding photographer of PACA ?


      Obviously, gears doesn’t do everything. Nevertheless, we don’t make miracle and you will can’t take night party shot with 600D without flash and don’t have digital noise. So, I use only professional gear. The best of the best from the professional range of the famous brand Canon ! Oh yes, I’m in love ! Whose the last 1DXII and 85mm 1.2 (and all of the fix lenses of the series L Canon). The best gear for the best wedding photographer of PACA, isn’t it ?


      I shoot the most weddings I can. During the wedding season, I never spend a week without shooting wedding. If I didn’t book one, I ask an other photographer to be his second shooter, just to still practice. The most important thing to be the best wedding photographer of PACA is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE again.


      Remember, the only people who don’t make mistake are those who do nothing ! The important is to learn from our mistakes. They allow us to evolve and remain humble. Be sure, you will do lot of mistakes, but don’t worry, it means you are on the good way to become the best wedding photographer.


      We never finish to learn. I’m learning everytime by workshop, online courses or one and one. I’m conviced that to be the best wedding photographer of PACA, we have to regulary monitor ourselves.


      One of my fav quote is : « They didn’t know it was possible until we created it ». To become the best wedding photographer of PACA, don’t take care about every sceptic persons. Believe in your idea and in your dream. If I had listened to all people told me :  « Stop Sarah, you can’t become wedding photographer », « wedding photographer is not a job » I will never being the best wedding photographer. So stay with positive persons and never stop to believe in yourself !