Last Winter, With Less Is More Photography, I go to Dover to shoot an Elopement. Do you know Dover ? Its magnificent white cliffs overlooking the sea! An incredible place I let you discover over this new post entitled Elopement in Dover!

      Dover is a small seaside village known for its incredible white limestone cliffs. We made an appointment with the couple at the train station from which we went to the famous cliffs where was planned this elopement in Dover.

      Almost arrived instead of photos, we stopped in a typical restaurant where our bride could change! Hihi it was a bit root! But that’s not all! To go to the precise point where this elopement in Dover was to take place, we walked for a moment in fields full of mud, to dodge the big puddles and to avoid falling. It was really funny and I would keep a great memory!

      Then we finally arrived there, the sea, the white cliffs, the sunset! Everything was perfect and the elopement in Dover could begin. They exchanged their vows on the cliff that made them dream so much. To exchange their words of love, to shed their tears, laughter. What a beautiful exchange of tenderness and emotion. I could never forget it.

      Dress : BHLDN | Film lab : The Find Lab