Today, I’m talking about the engagement session, what is it, its strengths and I give you lots of little tips to make it happen as best as possible. To do this, I illustrate this article of an engagement session in Valensole with a lovely couple from Hong Kong I photographed in July with my friend Vincent Truong whom I thank. Valensole, a magical place in the heart of Provence with its endlessly lavender fields!

      Making an engagement session in Valensole, first of all, allows you to meet the two of you before D-Day to share a simple moment, full of tenderness and complicity. This will allow you to have beautiful pictures of your couple in a magical and unique place!

      This engagement session in Valensole is also a great time to get acquainted with me and my gear. This will make you feel much more comfortable during your wedding. It’s very important not to hold back and to be yourself, to remember how you interact when you’re alone. Embrace both the goofy laughter. Obviously, I will help you with this process.

      For an engagement session in Valensole, the best is to wear something rather country light and clear to be in agreement with the place. Why not take the opportunity to make you pamper at your favorite beautician and hairdresser before the session. Enjoy this day to relax in love .. it is important that you are well with each other. Let me catch you on your best day!

      Do not clutter big bags for your engagement session in Valensole. The lighter you are, the more comfortable and spontaneous you will be. On the other hand, taking a flower bouquet can be a good idea to train yourself for your D-Day. And besides, it’s a nice accessory, isn’t it?

      Forget that you are shooting. Do not think of me, but think of yourself. This engagement session in Valensole must be like you. If you are an Extrovert, do not hesitate to let go. And if you are rather introverted, it is not a problem either, the sweetness is also magnificent.

      In addition to creating great memories, your engagement session in Valensole can serve you to share your save the date or your guestbook. Thus, they will be more personal and you will have more pleasure to see them again.

      Obviously, your engagement session can take place wherever you want! I’m talking here about anengagement session in Valensole because I loved this magical place, but you can organize this session in Tuscany, California or even near you? The important thing is that this place inspires you and makes you dream!