For this blog post on this family portrait at Cap d’Antibes I will explain you a bit how I shoot this kind of session. Obviously, this session doesn’t violate the shooting rules of your photographer ! Genuine people, golden hour and beautiful landscape…

      There is different kind of family portrait. Some are very posed, everything is imposed on the family until the expression of their face… Others are a type called “lifestyle”. This is my fav one ! I start from a base, a location, a place. I focus on the light, I put the family in a situation that will create an exchange between them and then I start to shoot what happens. The laughter, sometimes the grimaces engendered. I never know in advance what this will give ! The only thing I’m sure is I would have no clenched smile and this family can recognize themselves through their photos like those of this family portrait at Cap d’Antibes.

      Why lifestyle sessions are better than posed sessions ? Simply because YOU are NOT a model ! To pose is a JOB. A job which requires hours of trainig, poses tests. Whereas, during lifestyle sessions, we invite you to be yourself. As you can see in this family portrait at Cap d’Antibes, creating situations where you can have fun, you could forget my presence and just enjoy this moment with your family. And it is when we forget the camera we can finally be natural. And is not that how we are the most beautiful ?