Three years ago, I had the chance to photograph this magnificent destination wedding at the Château Saint Georges in the commune of Grasse on the French Riviera. It was a capricious day, where the weather was at its worst. Nevertheless, this destination wedding is a good example showing that even if it rains, it is still possible to have a wonderful day, to take beautiful pictures and to have wonderful memories.

Château Saint Georges : a castle overlooking the French Riviera

I remember this destination wedding at Chateau Saint Georges like it was yesterday. It was the first time I ever went to that castle to photograph a destination wedding. I was immediately delighted. This imposing monument overlooks the valley with a view to the sea. It was breathtaking. I couldn’t believe it. I understood how these two lovers had fallen under the spell of such a place. How could it have been otherwise?

Château Saint Geroges : The Golden Castle

I thought I was at the end of my surprises for this destination wedding at Château Saint Georges on the French Riviera, when I finally passed the threshold of the door, and there it was more than I could have imagined. Gold moldings everywhere. Bay windows always overlooking this breathtaking view. Spacious living rooms. Fairy-tale bedrooms. You can’t imagine how it feels to be here. As a wedding photographer I was overwhelmed. In the morning, looking at the weather forecast, I remember feeling a twinge in my heart, but now that I found myself inside this beautiful castle, I knew it would not be a problem. There was everything I needed inside to take beautiful pictures.

Destination wedding in the Château Saint Georges on the French Riviera : reception

Concerning the reception of this destination wedding at the Château Saint Georges on the French Riviera, it would not fail to surprise me either. The meal took place in a huge room with a beautiful parquet floor and gilded moulded walls. The tables were round, between the lights, and the beautiful dishes. It was so poetic and harmonious. Unique! For the dance, at the end of the meal, we were all invited to go down to the floor below. There a huge room with an indoor swimming pool was waiting for us. The music band played lively areas and each in turn, the guests started to dance. Lights were flashing on the dance floor and the pool. The vision was simply magical.