Today, I present you this photo shoot featuring a destination wedding at the Bastide de Toursainte in Provence which has been published on B.Loved. Thanks to them.

La Bastide de Toursainte, an ideal place to celebrate a wedding destination in Provence

It was a beautiful day in September, the sun was with us, colder than the last months but still very warm as we know it at this season in Provence. We had taken the early road to the French Riviera to arrive early on the scene. We wanted to take the opportunity to take some nice background pictures before the rest of the team arrived. When we arrived at the Bastide de Toursainte, we were greeted by a large gate opening onto a long and majestic avenue of plane trees with the Bastide provençale at the end. It is so typical of the region and ideal for celebrating a destination wedding as guests are directly immersed in the atmosphere.

What configuration for a destination wedding at the Bastide de Toursainte in Provence

La Bastide du Toursainte is a very charming place where it is good to relax. It is perfect to celebrate a destination wedding in Provence, firstly because it is possible to do your entire wedding on site. This way you will avoid having to travel a lot and at the same time you will avoid stress and your day will be all the more pleasant. Indeed, the interior allows you to make your getting ready on the spot. The rooms are authentic and bright. Then you will be able to make your ceremony near the fountain in the greenery, to continue with a cocktail in front of the bastide and to finish on a beautiful table in the famous plane tree alley. But the possibilities are endless. It’s up to you to see what suits you.

La Bastide de Toursainte, one of my favorite places for a destination wedding in Provence

The Bastide de Toursainte really stands out as a venue in Provence because of the ruins located on the site. These magnificent ruins give a lot of charm and character to this place. The interior is also very beautiful and allows you to have a superb plan B if it should rain during your destination wedding. And this is very important. Even though I hate to assume the worst, it’s always better to have a solution. Especially when your loved ones are traveling from so far away. And not to spoil anything, the owner of the place is absolutely adorable. If the feeling is important to you, then I imagine that the Bastide de Toursainte will be your ideal venue for your destination wedding in Provence.