Today, I present you this jewish destination wedding that I photographed at the Bastide du Roy on the French Riviera.

A wonderful day for a jewish destination wedding at the Bastide du Roy on the French Riviera

It was a beautiful day in June on the French Riviera, the sky was blue, the birds were singing, the leaves of the trees were gently swaying in the wind. The service providers were gradually getting busy so that everything was ready for the arrival of the guests at the Bastide du Roy. This jewish destination wedding could only be perfect. The bride prepared herself serenely and joyfully in one of the Bastide’s magnificent character rooms. In a few hours, everything would be moving at full speed and this moment of calm would seem so far away. But for the moment it was there and everyone was enjoying it to the fullest. Getting ready is really a moment that I love, a moment of intimacy with the bride and groom where we have time to immortalize beautiful moments of emotion.

An incredible ceremony for this jewish destination wedding at the Bastide du Roy on the French Riviera

The gardens were adorned with many colours. Flowers lined the grounds of the Bastide du Roy, the trees were green. On the French Riviera, nature is at its most beautiful in June. It is really the ideal time to celebrate a ceremony outdoors as during this jewish destination wedding. Guests were first welcomed with a welcome drink in the French garden of the Bastide du Roy. Then they were invited to pass through the music garden to take their seats for the ceremony. In the bride’s room, the tension is at its height. Her heart is starting to beat like crazy, she knows that in a few minutes she will be walking up the aisle in front of the Hatan. A moment that she has imagined so many times over the last few months. The ceremony begins under the houppa with the decoration that came out of a dream. Everybody is respectfully silent and watches the magic happening before their eyes. The ceremony was very moving.

A dream reception during this jewish destination wedding at the Bastide du Roy on the French Riviera

Once the ceremony of this jewish destination wedding was over, the guests were invited to go around the pool for a cocktail party with a lively saxophone player. Before joining their guests, the bride and groom took advantage of a quiet moment for both of them to take a few pictures of the couple in the gardens of the Bastide du Roy. Then they joined their loved ones. On the French Riviera, we are lucky enough to enjoy a mild climate that allows us to eat outdoors, which is why our bride and groom had planned a dinner under the stars on the esplanade in front of the bastide. It was absolutely magical…