Today I present you a new born session which is particularly dear to my heart because it is my godson! Olala this love face! I can’t get enough of it! If today I am a new born photographer on the French Riviera it is especially thanks to him. And I will take advantage of this article to give you some advice for your new born photo shoots.


As a new born photographer, when do you advise you to do the shooting on the French Riviera ?

As a new born photographer on the French Riviera, I would say that there is no real rule about when to do your shoot. We tend to recommend photographing babies during the first 15 days. They are generally calmer during this period because that’s when they sleep the most. Nevertheless, some parents prefer to have photos of their baby with their eyes open. In this case, wait a while and make an appointment when your child is more awake. Another thing that we also tend to forget… The first 15 days are often the most tiring for you, parents. You are in the middle of an adaptation period, all your daily life has just been turned upside down, your nights are short, you are exhausted and on top of that you have to organize a photo session with circles of 30 km… No clearly it seems complicated… So don’t force yourself, do it when you are more organized and more rested.

As a new born photographer, where do you advise to do the shooting on the French Riviera ?

On the French Riviera we are very lucky because we have many beautiful places to do the photo shoot. Indeed, we can choose a beautiful seaside with the Mediterranean Sea in the background or a corner of the mountains near a lake in the Mercantour. Nevertheless, as a new born photographer, if we are in the first 15 days of baby’s life, I strongly recommend that you do the shoot at home to reassure baby who will be in contact with objects he knows as well as smells he knows. The only constraint is to find a bright and tidy room. Prefer a room with a light-coloured wall so that you don’t have strange colours that reflect on baby. But if the session takes place when baby is just a little bit older, then I strongly advise you to do the session outside during the nice days. Taking advantage of the exceptional light of a sunset is incomparable with the one you get indoors.

As a new born photographer, at what time do you advise to do the shooting on the French Riviera ?

It all depends on where you are shooting! As a newborn photographer on the French Riviera, if the shoot is indoors then you will need to observe at what time of day the room you choose receives the most light. If the room is east facing it will probably be in the morning but if it is south facing it will be at noon and if it is west facing it will be in the afternoon. If the baby shoot is outdoors it’s a whole different story. As much indoors we try to get as much light as possible, as much outdoors we look for soft lights. That’s why we only shoot at sunset or sunrise. The time depends of course on the date, because the sun does not set at the same time on June 20th as on December 20th. But your new born photographer will be able to tell you exactly the ideal time for your date.

I hope this little article will help you to see more clearly for your new born photo shoot with your new photographer on the French Riviera. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to write me an email and I will be happy to help you.