Today I am proud to show you this pregnancy session that I photographed at sunrise on the French Riviera. When you are a pregnancy photographer and you are lucky enough to have beautiful landscapes like this it is simply a dream! But to have this result it is necessary to get up early! Let’s go and I’ll tell you about it !

Pregnancy Photographer on the French Riviera, sunset or sunrise ?

As a pregnancy photographer on the french riviera, I prefer to take pictures at sunrise, for several good reasons ! First of all, at sunrise the air is less polluted, because at night, if all goes well, most people are sleeping and therefore do not use any means of transport and the air is therefore much cleaner. When the air is cleaner, the light is, … how to say? … brilliant! There is no more this kind of veil of pollution, no it really has nothing to do with the light of the sunset! Another advantage of getting up early is that there is no one around, if you are a bit shy, then you will feel much more comfortable doing your session at daybreak. Finally, sometimes it is the location of the session that dictates the time to take a picture. For example, for this pregnancy session, the place we had chosen would be completely in the shade at sunset while at sunrise the exposure was ideal. Obviously, this means getting up very very early to be on the spot when the first rays of sunshine appear. But frankly, isn’t it worth it?

As a Pregnancy photographer on the French Riviera what outfit do you recommend?

For a pregnancy photoshoot, as a pregnancy photographer on the French Riviera, I would recommend a long, flowing dress in a light, solid color, that can be white or a pastel pink or pastel blue. It will be beautiful with the sunlight reflecting in the swirl of your dress. I’m already dreaming about it! Concerning shoes, take shoes with which it is easy for you to move because very often the most beautiful landscapes are in places not easy to access. For this pregnancy session, for example, we had to go down long stairs and finally progress through large pebbles. For the photos we will remove and put the shoes back on for each trip. For the gentleman, a shirt and a light or pastel-colored chino will be the most beautiful rendering.

As a pregnancy photographer on the French Riviera, when do you advise us to do the shooting ?

As a pregnancy photographer on the French Riviera, I recommend that you do your photo shoot at 7 months of pregnancy. This is the ideal time, because your belly will be beautifully shaped and you will still be in good shape. Obviously every pregnancy is different and you will do your best according to your constraints and your planning. But be careful, because you know what they say: “last month, last day”. It is better not to risk not having any pictures of this unique moment and plan this shooting in advance.