I’m proud to featured this lovely Mala’s beach day after. M & A choose this famous beach just close to Monaco and the French Riviera for a respondent session with only sea and wind sound !

      I have a cute memory about this Mala’s beach day after ! When this really young couple from Monaco contact me for their wedding, they told me they met each other in the Mala’s Beach. At this time, they were only six years old. So they grown up together and finally fall in love. This location have a very important place in their hearts. They spend all of their summer in this beach, to play, to swim, to create memories… That’s why A did also his proposal there. This is so cute, isn’t it ?

      M&A got married in the lovely vineyard close to Avignon. However it was impossible for them not to shoot without their wedding clothes in their favorite place ! This lovely couple booked me in the end for their Mala’s beach day after and they were right ! The result is amazing. wonderful pebble beach, stunning golden hour light, beautiful couple and incredible sunset on Saint Laurent’s bay. What a wonderful love session !

      Sarah was incredible with us from our wedding to our day after. She took time to feel us confident. Because of her we have wonderful photos of the best day of our lives. We tell her our story, how we met each other and she propose us to shoot us on our fav place. We spend a very good time. We forgot she was with us and we just enjoyed the moment. It was just perfect ! Thank you Sarah to create this remember for us !

      M & A

      Make up artist : Romy tendance | Hair stylist : Sarah James | Second Photographer : Valeria Maselli