A & L got my contact by one of our friend. They live in Nice and they LOVE sea landscape ! That’s why we plan the pregnancy session at Saint Jean Cap Ferrat.

      Everyone knows I love to shoot in beautiful scenery ! So I offered them many types of natural places and their chose to do their pregnancy session at Saint Jean Cap Ferrat because they’re crazy about seascape.

      Moreover, I have a lot of memories from this place! Indeed, I camped there a couple of times ! Ah ah ! But HUSH, this is a secret ! Yes, your photographer has a lot of roots/is full of surprises ! Ah ah ! So be ready before a Session with me, you’ll never know what will happen ! Ah ah ! But, let’s go back to this pregnancy session at Saint Jean Cap Ferrat !

      Finally what a wonderful place ! And fortunately, the weather was so perfect ! The light was a mix of pink, gold, blue and purple !! Wow wow wow ! Does it exist ? Yes, in the French Riviera ! And you can contemplate this wonder of nature on this Pregnancy session at Saint Jean Cap Ferrat !

      We love to do our pregnancy session with Sarah ! She is so genuine and we feel so confident with her camera thanks to her way of being. Now we have so beautiful photos to reminds us this perfect moment ! Thank you Sarah ! Strongly second !

      A & L