One of the landscape I prefer to shoot is Mountain ! So imagine how excited I was when these lovers called me to tell me “we are going to marry in Valderoure !” Valderoure is a little village in the french riviera’s Mountains. Truck, endless fields and magnificent views are these rustic wedding’s key words !

      For this rustic wedding, we were lucky to have a very sunny day ! It would have been sush a shame to have to cover in any way the ceremonial space that took place in the middle of the mountains. In addition, during the ceremony, there was a group of Gospel singing. It was just beautiful !

      Moreover it was a crazy couple ! We talk about rustic wedding, so it’s also about forest isn’t it ? Well ! So for their couple session, the groom had shaved a small part of forest to make the place more accessible to his dear and tender when she wears her wedding dress. But what a wonderful place ? We ended up at the top of a mountain with the view of the whole valley at sunset ! It was simply breathtaking !

      Très agréable et très imprégnée, ce fut un plaisir et les photos sont magnifiques.
      Elle a traversé la forêt pour nous faire des photos dans l’esprit que nous cherchions. Toujours avec le sourire !

      V & F