Today, I tell you why I love to be a wedding photographer in Provence. And for that, I will rely on the photos of this crazy wedding I photographed last year. This wedding was at Valmousse castle in Provence.

      First of all, I love being a wedding photographer in Provence thanks to the light. Enjoying sunny summers we are lucky to almost never have a wedding in the rain or bad weather. Thus, we can make beautiful pictures with shades of golden sunsets. It’s all I love! Difficult to play with beams of light like this wedding below when the sun is not at the rendezvous …

      Then, if I love being a wedding photographer in Provence, it is thanks to the temperate climate. Indeed, it allows us a lot of freedom in marriage. For example, we can make beautiful cocktails and meals outdoors, which would be absolutely not possible if all the guests chattered cold teeth! Is not it idyllic, during his big day, to be able to enjoy to all his relatives a sumptuous dinner under the stars?

      Then, I love being a wedding photographer in Provence because I love these typical Provencal castles in which we prepare our lovebirds. All these places are historical and have a soul. I do not know how to explain this feeling, all I can do is strongly advise you to go there!

      But that’s not all, Provence and its landscapes have seduced more than one artist such as Cézanne and Van Gogh. These paintings of renown that I admire for so many years (Yes, I am passionate expressionism!). It is also thanks to its diverse and varied landscapes, ranging from fields of lavender to the rocky mountain, through the cornfields and the olive groves and the seashore that I adore to be a wedding photographer in Provence.

      And finally, last reason and not least, Provencal cuisine. Yummy! Who has not wagged with the smell of a good Ratatouille, a rabbit stew, or a traditional Bouillabaisse! As a wedding photographer in Provence, I have the chance to taste all these sumptuous dishes prepared by excellent caterers (dedications to Les Filles du Sud, La Cinquième Saison, and DV Traiteur).

      Finally, being a wedding photographer in Provence means being able to photograph weddings that combine tradition, conviviality and elegance with a singing accent accompanied by a cicada melody.